Sunday, June 21, 2015


The cross blocks are so fun to create!

I keep it out on the pool table and make some almost every day!

This was such a fun read! There are about 19 in the series( I don't know why not an even 20?)  I'm working on getting them all! Or at least reading them all!  Oh! I just found out there are 40 or more! Oh My!

Husband Maurice celebrated his 79th Birthday on June 12th. Here he is telling son Paul a funny story. One of his favorite things to do!

Spent several days up at the Cottage Garden Weeding-----

And getting rid of Poison Ivy!!

I decided to pick some of my herbs and put them on the kitchen table right on my place mat . So I hopefully remember to put some in my salads!

We have the house all patriotic! Inside and out!

Maurice finished staining the house.It looks so nice! The Day lilies  are really blooming well on the south side of the house too!

I shared this old picture on Fathers Day of my parents and me while visiting relatives in the country. Probably about 1940.

They were wonderful parents and were able to celebrate 52 years of marriage before Daddy died. I can't believe Maurice and I will celebrate out 60th Aug. 26th The Lord Willing!   Happy Independence Day Friends!


  1. What a charming quilt "pattern"! And I really like the stain color on your house. You're right. It makes the lilies "pop"! We are fighting the weed war here, too! My oh my. All this rain and no time between to get into the flower beds.....

    Belated happy birthday to your husband - and what a milestone you will be celebrating in August! (I did the math and subtracted 60 from 79 to figure out you two married young.)

    I've heard of the Boxcar kids but not sure I've read ANY of them. 40, huh?!?

  2. wow! 60 years married.. thats awesome. we're at 33 (I think!) glad youre keeping busy. that quilt looks like it will be amazing when its finished.
    as for the boxcar series, my daughters LOVED those books!
    Have a great week my friend