Saturday, May 23, 2015


It was a backbreaking job! But it sure looks better!

Had to add some large rocks then to outline it! Ugh!

I finished just before the heavy rains!

The violas are loving this cool rainy weather!

The Pinks Too!

I made an Herb Garden in a pot. Sage, Parsley, Dill, Lemon Thyme and another one I've forgot!

"The Go Go Girls" had their monthly birthday outing to a strip mall in Independence, Health Food Store and Logan's Steak House for lunch. Julie, in the blue coat on the left is this month's Birthday Girl!

They had an interesting wall hanging made out of license plates!

Sue surprised us at Thursday Card Night with a Winner Hanging Trophy. Since I had won the week before I got to wear it for the evening!

But that was short lived as Sue won that night and got to wear it home till the next winner clams it! Fun Idea Sue! Thanks!

My cousins had a lunch together at  The Argosy. We don't gamble just eat and visit! They will coming down to our place in the country for the 4th of July.  We all got together as kids with our parents for all holidays, and our Daddy always brought the watermelons iced down in tubs for the 4th.  So of course we will have watermelon Cousin David front on the right will  be bringing it!  Hope you are enjoying your yards and families too!

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  1. The path is charming! I SO enjoyed my wander through your garden - so warm and welcoming (my kind of place).... I "hear" you about the backbreaking work, though :)

    I'm still not 100% since my 2014 surgeries. I tried trimming a sprawling bush in the corner of our yard yesterday - it was SUCH a pleasant day for outdoor chores - and am paying for it this morning!