Sunday, June 29, 2014


A request came for a painting with this quote for his girlfriend so I gave him a choice. This one or -

Or this one.

 Shopping for $.97 Fat Quarters at Walmart is as much fun  as I remember  picking out Penny Candy being!

After another couple of night stays at Comfort Inn I decided to write a poem and paint a picture and send it them to express our gratitude.

I was delighted to get an e-mail back expressing there kind thoughts and saying they had posted it in the break room for all their employees to see an had sent a copy on to the corporate office. Will be neat to see if I hear back from them too!

This month my friend Hope and I showed the resident as the local Health Care Facility how to make Fluffy Barn Owls. They really enjoyed the project!

 Two proud participants!
They turned out really cute!

"Plein Air Bathing" is my 2nd entry in the Harrisonville Fine Art Members Only Show in July 8-12

"Wildflower Memories" was sold in a silent auction last night at the Cass Regional Medical Center Foundations Fundraiser.

 I was pleased with its location and  it's sale price!
Fun was had by all!   I also welcome you on over to my second and my Marlynne Snare Folk Artist facebook page.


  1. One day.....I hope to hold one of your paintings in my hand; hang it on my wall :) The owls turned out sweetly.....your Comfort Inn poem, clever & complimentary :)

  2. Your work is just beautiful! And you are sure a busy lady! Happy 4th of July! Maggie