Saturday, August 3, 2013


Menorah Hospital in K.C.,Mo. has a beautiful Arboretum!   Husband Maurice takes his Chem in an attached Medical Building, so I enjoy an after lunch break in this beautiful garden!

The butterfly's love  the "Butterfly Bushes" I've not had any luck growing them!

I spotted a couple of birds eating the hawthorn berries, but they flew away as I took the picture!

I walked across this bridge to go to the Waterfall. It was a lovely lovely sight!

Butterfly  houses!

I'm working on my little hexagons for "The Chemo Quilt". I'm in the same room with husband Maurice. We're there about 7 hrs. the first day and 4hrs the second.

Here's Maurice getting hooked up for another Chemo session. He  lays back in a recliner and sleeps most of the time!

This is one of the residents in the nursing home where we go once a month to share music. He is my inspiration for next years Santa!  He is a perfect one! He has played Santa for years but sometime before he came into the home he said they told him he was too old to play Santa! He said he told them "Santa is Forever"! I love this! I'm going to make a couple of boards with his face and that quote  on them this fall. Of course one will be for him!

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