Sunday, April 7, 2013


My spring flowers are breaking forth. Of course the pink roses are not real! I put them in there for sorority party a couple of weeks ago.

These flowers are hardening off on our enclosed back porch soon ready to be planted.

Our Sunday School kids carrying in the palms. Church was snowed out Palm Sunday so they did it Easter

My Gypsy /Caravan trade tags arrived this week. It's always fun to see what others will come up with!! Marilou our leader at "Roses on my Table"  packages them up so pretty, even with a little charm and special card of her own! It's a fun group to belong too! Thanks Shelly B, Paulanne and Malinda for such creative and attractive tags!

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  1. Hello Marlynne,

    Just found your bog via Melody at a House on the Hill. Beautiful photo's. Will be visiting more often.

    Happy days.