Saturday, April 25, 2015


Just $5.00 for this box of 1940's handmade quilt pieces. I will love making them into a quilt!

Precious little handmade doll dress and little boy toy!

And of course if they're red and polka-dot it's a no brainer!

Red plastic measuring cups and spoons!

A pair of red tulip glasses and little cherry plaque.

Big "Henny Penny" chicken planter (with a drain hole) waiting for some hen and chickens plants. And, I always pick up precious old doilies!

This little hand made black doll was from  the shopping trip before last. But I forgot to show her!

Cute fabric for quilting!

Frames for painting!

Some little smalls!

And lastly a red wooden star to decorate the kitties eating area!  Hope your enjoying your spring also!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


We have a Cottage Party in my "Mom's Cottage" once a year. We pick a theme color for each year. This year it was Blue, even down to Blue underwear for a couple of the members! (More info than you wanted I'm sure!)

After a delicious luncheon and business meeting we settled in for a fun game of Bunco! We played individually instead of pairs.

The two winners happened to be sitting opposite each other, Esther in the light blue jacket on the left side of table and Sue in the bright blue blouse on the right side.

 This picture was taken before everyone arrived. We have 9 members but two were out of town.

I had a homemade heart pincushion for each member by their plate.

Members entered thru the blue and white checked streamers.

My blue outfit along with my just finished Yo Yo Flower Necklace.

After the Cottage Party members stopped down at the house for a walk thru of my "Blue Bottle Garden"

Hope you enjoy the walk thru too!

Happy Spring! Hope your are having as much fun as I am!