Sunday, February 8, 2015


The "Hunt" is the best part! You never know what you might find! This was my pile of treasures from the Birthday Trip!

Just loved these little yellow canaries! Think I see a Spring Shelf arrangement in the makings here!

Found several old hand crocheted pot holders to add to my collection!

Neat old red flowered pillow and precious raggedy dolls New and old!

Really unique Clock Potholder!

Delightful Antique Shop!

Of course anything red catches my eye!

Sister Judy's special High School friend meet up with us here in Ozark.

A picture before Church this morning! I'm sporting my "Reckless Necklace" made by  Mri Pilar.

Stayed here on my Birthday

Beautiful waterfalls!

Beautiful Scenery!

Sister Judy and I.

A touch of spring!

And an inviting shop window.

But alas, the shop was closed. Had a wonderful trip anyway!